GCC’s top ten hotel projects


In order of value, the top 10 hotel projects within the GCC are:
• The MGM Grand Hotel planned for Abu Dhabi. A $3 billion complex comprising an MGM Grand hotel and two further luxury hotels, providing 1,200  rooms.

• Asia-Asia Hotel, part of the Dubailand development. The $1.625 billion project will provide 6,500 rooms.
• A $1.2 billion budget Qatar Entertainment City project for four five star hotels, each with a capacity of 300 to 400 rooms.
• A multiple hotel development in Jabal al-Kaaba in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, budget of $710 million for 9 hotels, total 10,000 rooms.
• Dubai Lifestyle City’s $650 million “seven star” hotel.
*Salam Beach Resort and Spa Project in Manama, Bahrain, budget of $545 million.
• Also Dubailand – the $505 million America Hotels and Resorts with 500 rooms.
• The five star Durrat Al Bahrain Hotel and Resort in Bahrain, budget of $500 million.
• The 31 storey, $400 million Hajer Tower in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, includes an hotel.
• The $327 million Palaces Hotel and Resort project – also Dubailand, with 1,000 rooms.