New ship to link Qeshm and Dubai


The first passenger ship between Qeshm and Dubai will be launched within two months, according to media reports.

Based on a scheduled programme, the ship will have a capacity of 350 passengers. The trip will cost about $65. 
Announcing this news, Ebrahim Larijani, deputy head of tourism department of Qeshm Free Zone Organization, told CHN: “The Qeshm foreign passenger terminal has been equipped with all necessary facilities including passport department and is ready to be launched in a near future. The first marine transportation line between Qeshm and Dubai is going to be launched with capacity of 350 passengers and 16 tons of goods by the end of the holy month of Ramadan which will fall on October 13.”
According to Larijani, this ship has been made in Norway according to international standards by order of Iranian private investors. He further explained that based on initial plans, the ship will cross this route three times a week however, it enjoys the potential to increase its journey everyday with increasing in number of demands.