Monarch Dubai for September opening


The elegant façade of the new building nearing completion at One Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, will soon open its doors as Dubai’s newest premier luxury hotel – The Monarch Dubai.

Operated by Refad Hotels and Resorts, it will be officially opened later this year with a very select number of guests invited to experience its superior service from as early as September.
While it is targeted at business and leisure travellers primarily, The Monarch Dubai is also expected to become a favourite with the “rich and famous” - celebrities who demand a very high standard of service.
General manager Henning Fries says this will be a key element of The Monarch Dubai’s appeal – a discreet and intimate level of service equal to that found in the most prestigious hotels worldwide.
“This is what makes one hotel stand out above all others,” he said. “The ability to make every guest feel personally at home and to remember their individual preferences from visit to visit has become the benchmark by which all fine hotels are judged.
“Naturally, the very high levels of service have to be matched by the quality of the surroundings, and The Monarch Dubai will feature only the best.”
The Monarch Dubai is being billed as the crown jewel in the world of Refad Hotels & Resorts.