Gulf Air revamps its flight schedule on ‘wave’ model


Gulf Air has introduced a totally revamped flight schedule.

The new network, based on a “wave” model, offers as many as 588 flights every week in the Middle East with more non-stop flights than any other airline.
The restructuring plan puts in place an efficient network that improves punctuality, reduces the transit time between connecting flights and provides a range of travel options for customers.
The schedule has been prepared keeping in mind the time-conscious business traveller, who wants to fly out and return on the same day and, other travellers, who want excellent connecting flights to other destinations.
The new schedule leverages the unique advantage providing seamless connectivity between flights and enhanced passenger comfort. Gulf Air has worked very closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) to get logistics and systems in place and launch the new network.
Customers will no longer need to spend hours at airports waiting for their connecting flights. The arrivals and departures have been scheduled in such a way that customers will find a return flight or an onward flight in just about an hour. Besides, they will have a greater choice of flights to and from within the Middle East and more flexible options to travel further to Europe, Far East or the Indian Subcontinent. 

Passengers within the Gulf and the Middle East will be able to take their in-flight meals with them under a new scheme launched by Gulf Air for its economy class customers.
They will have their food and refreshment presented in a lightweight box to enable them to use it as a takeaway, if desired.
The service will be available on all flights between Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh and Shiraz.