EAC rolls out tourism management certification

The tourism hospitality sector in Dubai will bring promising career prospects for students

EMIRATES Aviation College (EAC) has geared up to feed the employment boom resulting from the breakneck development of tourism in the region.

“Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries of the region, as well as the world,” said Dr Olgun Cicek, programmes manager, tourism, Emirates Aviation College. “In order to fill this growing demand, qualified human resources, products and services are important areas for investment.”
As far as travel and tourism is concerned, Dubai is becoming the benchmark for any developing countries in the Middle East. With a projected 15 million tourists due to be visiting Dubai by 2015, travel, tourism and hospitality look like promising career prospects, he said.
Accordingly, the EAC offers professional certification, diploma and degree programmes in tourism management. These offer a good grounding in management challenges, tourism industry knowledge, tourism fields and practices at supervisory level entry positions, he said.
“Of course, we also have the support of the Emirates Group in terms of training and employment opportunities,” Cicek said.
Once they have successfully completed the programmes, graduates can apply for jobs including travel agency and tour management; leisure, sports and entertainment management; hotel and resort management; national tourism management; club and restaurant management and transport management – all of which tie in very nicely with Emirates’ own expansion plans.
EAC is already closely working with the D&LM Division of the Emirates Group and already has taken step forward to sign MoUs with  two Swiss Hospitality Schools  and DTCM. This will enable EAC to attract students and professionals not only from UAE or the region but also from all over the world.