Thai Heritage Spa expands into Middle East


The Thai Heritage Spa Company, billed the only turn-key spa consultant from the Asian country, is expanding into the Middle East with a regional office and a debut property in Bahrain.

The first of its kind, the company owns a design company, licensed spa training schools and manufactures spa products. Its management company, Sivalai Spa Co, is the company behind the new spa at the Diplomat Radisson SAS Bahrain, scheduled to open midway in 2007.
The company has also opened a regional office for the Middle East in Bahrain.
“We actively do surveys and have been communicating with investors in this region since 2003. Not many investors understand the process of creating a signature spa that needs a spa consultant and designer at the first stage,” said Sarah Kajonborrirak, president and founder, Thai Heritage Spa.
“We are fortunate to be able to offer both together as the ultimate solution to our investors. With our years of experience and library of spa design that involves different areas of expertise, from hot-spring techniques to hydrotherapy and tropical spa features, we enjoy creating fresh and unique spa concepts from project to project.”
Every new case is treated as exclusive, she said, with each client being offered a product tailored to his unique needs. “We do not see ourselves packaging our spa by recruiting staff from the street, purchasing cosmetic products that come with free training, putting our trademark on the brochure and calling it a brand.”
The company offers three different spa brands for investors to choose from, one of which is Royal’s Choice from Thailand, Kajonborrirak said.
Speaking about delays in construction and execution of spa design, she said: “We don’t mind moving a little slowly as long as our contracted investors know it would take plenty of time, budget and resources to create something different. We stake our reputation on the creative element of each project and we love what we are doing.”
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