And a strip of our own


Las Vegas and Dubai have much in common.

While both are both are small in area, when it comes to thinking big, both have got what it takes to make any dream, however far-fetched it may sound, a reality.
 Las Vegas means business and is one of the most business-friendly place in the US. It has no corporate tax and it has no income tax. Ditto Dubai,” Somer Hollingworth, president and CEO, Nevada Development Authority, Las Vegas told TTN.
“I’ve never been to Dubai but my friends have and they have nothing but praise for the city-state. From what I’ve been told, I’ve no doubt that Dubai will hit the big time, if it already hasn’t.
“They are already doing things that’s never been attempted before and, like Vegas, can boast of a number of world records,” he adds.
Both are cities that are constantly evolving, both are an architect’s dream come true as they build like there was no tomorrow. New shows, new buildings, new everything as the old gives way to the new and a bright new future takes concrete shape.
If Las Vegas has the Strip, Dubai will soon have its own one too, minus the tables and slot machines. If a torrent of stars flood into Vegas, Dubai is fast catching up with some of the biggest names arriving on its shores every year.
If Vegas is continuously eating up large chunks of the desert, so is Dubai. The infrastructure in Vegas is superb but it’s groaning under the strain of so many people wanting to relocate in the tax-free city or just popping in for some adrenalin rush.
The highways are almost always jammed and the new condos rising up are only making matters worse.
Ditto Dubai.
Vegas, Nevada’s money-spinning city, has an educated, expanding
and cost-effective workforce
with Nevada having recorded
the best economic growth in the
US. It has the finest telecommunications and technology infrastructure and America’s fifth largest airport.
The same can be said of Dubai which will soon boast of the world tallest tower, The Burj, the world’ biggest international airport, the Dubai World Central International Airport, the world’s longest ‘Strip’ being built by Bawadi (more on that later), the world’s first rotating tower, the world’s tallest residential building and many more world firsts to its credit.
As in Dubai, so in Vegas. Size matters – and how!
Some of the records Vegas stakes claim to include the fastest elevator in the US (at the Stratosphere Tower), the world’s biggest gold nugget (at the Golden Nugget), the world’s biggest hotel (MGM), the world’s first twist and dive roller coaster (at New York-New York) the world’ largest atrium (at the Luxor), the world’s largest glass sculpture (at the Bellagio) and the world’s most powerful beam of light (at the Luxor).
Vegas and Dubai are definitely hot destinations. And I’m not referring to the weather alone here.