New retail loyalty programme for tourists


VICE Versa International, pioneers in creating instant loyalty and incentive solutions, says it is currently implementing the first independent network of loyalty card terminals in Dubai, with the card set to be launched early this year.  

The aim is to gain more than 500,000 high spending visitors to Dubai per year.
The network is currently being installed to run Vice Versa International’s own programme, the Vice Versa tourist card, aimed at high spending visitors and designed to influence the way in which they spend their money in Dubai. In addition, it can be used to run own-branded loyalty programmes. 
“Studies show that loyalty programmes are most successful if the rewards offered answer the real needs of the consumer, while at the same time increasing revenue for the retailer. We have spent two years developing a new solution  that is unique to us and our own programme, the Vice Versa tourist card, is a world first.  The programme features only premium outlets and services, guiding high net worth tourists to the ‘best of the city,’ helping them to make the most of their stay,” explained Vice Versa founder and managing director, Kira Milan.
The technology allows instant reward and redemption of points, which Vice Versa’s system translates into ‘Card-Cash,’ a form of points seen by the card user as a value in local currency. As data is carried on the smart chip, the system does not require monthly statements or force restrictions on redemption and a card can be issued instantly.  The Vice Versa tourist card does not require traditional registration, encou-raging a short term visitor to use the card.