Kuwait Airways reaches for ends of the earth

Al-Sabah: Miles to go

Sheikh Talal Mubarak Abdulla Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, chairman and managing director, Kuwait Airways Corporation, tells TTN that the airline plans to launch routes to China, Australia and South America in 2007

What are Kuwait Airways’ plans for 2007?
Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) has witnessed a leap towards progress in 2006, by displaying outstanding performances as well as by providing renowned hospitality and award-winning service to its passengers.
In 2007, we will adopt the best expansion strategies, with the help from international experts. Concerning other improvements, KAC has started issuing e-tickets and implemented services like the Cargo Accounting System GASS and the Automated Admission System Kiosk at Kuwait International Airport besides renovating and establishing new business and first class lounges like the Dasman Lounge in Kuwait, as well as in a number of international airports. The corporation has also developed its first and business class seats on B777 and A340 flights. The economy class seats on A320 have been replaced with luxury leather and are bigger in size.
We also introduced two new destinations for customers recently: Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and the Indian city of Ahmedabad.
In 2007, we hope to expand our horizons to China, South America and Australia.

Are you bullish about 2007?
Yes, we at Kuwait Airways are optimistic about the New Year. In 2007 we will see fleet upgrading and also expanding operational networks. We are also preparing a study in association with the United Nations Development Program on our networks and operations for the next seven years. Such a study will aim at purchasing new aircrafts in order to meet our ambitions; to spread our wings to various world capitals and grant additional new services There will be possible negotiations with Airbus and Boeing regarding short-term (2007-2008) upgrades in its fleet.

How do you intend to tackle competition?
While working relentlessly to strengthen our position, Kuwait Airways faces tough competition globally as well as from local markets; but we view these challenges as opportunities for superior performance and continued perfection. Our strategy is to set the standard for customer orientation and become an admired airline to fly, to invest in and to work for. Our mission is to provide distinguished customer oriented services that combine novelty with tradition.