Lexus Mega Raffle: one of the key DSF attractions


The Lexus days are here again. Ticket sales for the oldest, and the most sought-after DSF raffle began last month, with a complete sell out on the first day itself  (December 1, 2005).

And this is hardly surprising as the DSF over the past decade has come to represent the ultimate shopping retreat… and the Lexus, that dream of a car, is dished out – not one but two of them are handed on a platter every day for 32 days!
And this time round, DSF has joined hands with one of its long-time key sponsors, Mashreqbank, along with old partners Enoc-Eppco, to bring the Lexus Mega Raffle. Mashreqbank will give away the prizes either in cash or certificates to the winners of the Dh1,00,000 daily or weekly cash prizes as well as the buyback cash prize.
Lexus, as the world knows, is the premier state-of-the-art connoisseur’s delight that blends style and technology for the ultimate on-road experience. Even if you don’t drive it, just keeping an eye on it makes the day!
Speaking about the Lexus Mega Raffle and Mashreqbank’s involvement, DSF COO Ibrahim Saleh, said: “The biggest attraction of winnings at DSF 2006 shall, no doubt, be the Lexus Mega Raffle, which I feel reflects the very ethos of this unique festival as one where anything is possible, where visitors from the world over get to walk away with amazing prizes, and even more, a unique experience.”
The first draw will be held on January 4 at the Global Village Lexus Stage, and from then on that stage will felicitate winner after winner for 32 days, until February 4.
On the purchase of a ticket worth Dh200 every DSF visitor stands the chance to win two Lexus luxury cars – LX470 costing Dh265,000, and the ES300 costing Dh145,000 along with Dh100,000 in cash. In other words, a total of Dh510,000 awaits a winner every single day of the festival plus five more chances to win in the weekly draw!
And with one winner in every 5,000 getting this prize, the odds are heavily stacked in favour of every person who buys the raffle ticket. The total prize money: a whopping Dh22.4million. This apart, five people every week will get a chance to win Dh100,000 each.
Swap it for cash and LX470 will fetch Dh225,000, while the ES300 will get the winner Dh117,000. “This aspect of the raffle truly epitomises the distinctive facet of DSF as a festival where choices abound, and where everyone wins,” said Ibrahim Saleh.
The Lexus Mega Raffle tickets are available at selected Enoc-Eppco petrol stations, Deira City Center, Baniyas, Al Fahidi Streets, Riqqa Road, Ibn Battuta and Emirates Malls, Gold Souk and Global Village and also at the Night Souk.