Air Arabia: Going is good

Adel Ali ... affordable and safe travel

Air arabia, he first low-cost airline of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region, plans to increase our fleet as well as increase destinations.

The Sharjah-based airline will continue its plans to fly to India, Jordan and Pakistan as well as offer passengers added value – whether through promotions, partnerships, in-flight services or travel packages.
On the whole, the airline’s first year of operations proved successful and Air Arabia carried over a half-a-million passengers during its first year of operations. It now offer over 60 flights a week to 15 destinations. Its endeavour is to offer more services and value to our passengers at guaranteed 20 to 50 per cent lower fares.
 “For Air Arabia passengers, 2005 will bring increased opportunities for travel throughout the region and neighbouring countries,” says Adel Ali, Air Arabia’s CEO.
“We will continue to offer affordable, convenient, reliable and safe travel for all.”