Dollar and Thrifty aim for the top


A SIGNIFICANT expansion of car fleets combined with a broader franchise programme and improved marketing efforts have all contributed to the regional success of the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group.

“Driven by the rising number of tourists and business travellers and increasing levels of intra-regional travel, the number of rental cars on the roads of the region has risen sharply over the past year. Both Dollar and Thrifty have successfully met this growing demand and used it to their advantage,” said Sam Eltibi, regional director, Mena, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group.
This expansion programme has been supported by a comprehensive branding strategy, which has raised the profile of the group as a whole, and drawn upon the strength of its Thrifty Car Rental brand. Thrifty has already won strong market share through its network of franchisees in the GCC, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Thrifty in the UAE recently announced a significant increase in its car fleet. A total of 600 new cars were added to the existing fleet, available for daily, weekly or monthly rental in the UAE local market. The company also announced the availability of 800-THRIFTY (800-847-4389), a toll free number that customers can call to access their nearest Thrifty outlet in the UAE. All services offered at an outlet are now available telephonically 24 hours a day.
“By increasing our fleet we are guaranteeing customers the shortest possible wait time for the car they desire,” said Rahul Singh, general manager, Thrifty Car Rental.
Dollar Rent a Car has opened in strategic locations in Dubai and Bahrain and expansion plans are well underway to expand throughout the UAE and Middle East.