Habtoor Grand Resort guarantees “Beautyrest”


Staying in a hotel should be an enjoyable experience – but it can be a nightmare if you do not get a good night’s sleep.

Now, to ensure none of their guests are ‘sleepless in Dubai’ the Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, which will open later this year, will introduce the “Beautyrest” mattress.
The demanding specifications called for a larger than average coil count, coils that are joined in the middle rather than the top and bottom, two layers of insulation and two layers of padding, a deep quilting system, special flanging and 4mm mini springs around the edges. What this all means is that this advanced design allows each coil spring to move independently and contour the mattress to the sleeper exactly as guests shift and turn during the night. Every part of the body receives the perfect support it needs.
“Holidaying in Dubai can be tiring with all the many beach activities and shopping, thus a good night’s sleep will ensure our guests enjoy their holiday to the full,” said Ulricke Hocke, executive housekeeper for the hotel.