Lufthansa launches product with NetJets

Wriedt, Wissel and Preinl

With the start of the summer flight schedule, Lufthansa is adding a new dimension to personalised air travel.

The German carrier is offering a unique product, worldwide, to passengers who highly value flexibility and time-saving. “Lufthansa Private Jet, exclusively operated by NetJets”, is the new product that allows passengers to fly by private jet from more than 1,000 airports around Europe to Lufthansa’s Munich hub to board connecting flights there in First or Business Class to destinations around the globe. Passengers arriving on long-haul flights in Munich can conveniently take a private jet to fly on to their final destination. The new private jet service, a further enhancement in the top-end market, can also be used for flights between European airports. “Lufthansa Private Jet” ideally complements Lufthansa’s worldwide network by adding up to thousand individualised flight options.
The product was officially signed in Munich by Lufthansa chairman and chief executive officer Wolfgang Mayrhuber and NetJets chairman and chief executive officer Richard Santulli. “Business travellers are attaching a growing importance to sovereign command of their time. Shortening the journey time is a defining factor in business success. With our new offering, designed to meet the needs of our most discerning customers, we are combining Lufthansa’s noted quality standards with the advantages of private flying. In NetJets, we have found an ideal partner for this segment,” added Mayrhuber.
“Lufthansa Private Jet” will be offered at an attractive all-in price, depending on the fare zone and including the exclusive use of the whole aircraft. A Lufthansa Private Jet flight from Munich to Lugano will cost 4,550 or 5,650 euros depending on the aircraft type, the price for a flight from Dublin to Billund will be 9,530 euros. A companion fare of up to 300 euros will be charged for each further passenger taken on a flight. For each flight with “Lufthansa Private Jet” passengers will earn 10,000 miles. Flights can be booked up to 180 days or up to 24 hours prior to flight departure.
Elite privileges on the ground and in the air are part of the deal. At the Munich hub, “Lufthansa Private Jet” passengers will enjoy special care on transfer and be chauffeur-driven across the tarmac to their waiting plane. They will pass swiftly through immigration, security checks and customs, their connecting times kept to a minimum.  On board their exclusive aircraft, service, catering and in-flight entertainment will be of the finest standard as expected from Lufthansa’s First Class. The Cessna Citation Excel and Bravo jets can seat up to seven passengers depending on aircraft type. 
Just two months after the launch of the “Lufthansa Private Jet” service, Lufthansa has already expanded its new high-end offering. First Class and Business Class passengers flying Lufthansa from Frankfurt to any destination worldwide can also travel to Frankfurt by “Lufthansa Private Jet”. Likewise, passengers arriving at Frankfurt aboard long-haul Lufthansa flights can connect to more than 1,000 airports throughout Europe.
Private Jet flights depart from and arrive at Egelsbach Airport close to Frankfurt Airport. Passengers landing at Egelsbach aboard a “Lufthansa Private Jet” are collected and chauffer-driven to Lufthansa’s exclusive First Class Terminal at Frankfurt. The transfer takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Office space with total privacy is available for passengers who wish to work. At the First Class Terminal restaurant guests can watch chefs prepare varied menus of fresh, seasonal dishes in front of their very eyes. Modern, generously apportioned bathrooms with a shower and bath enable guests to freshen up before a long journey. Passengers are then chauffer-driven from the First Class Terminal across the tarmac to their waiting long-haul Lufthansa flight. Seamless baggage transfer from the “Lufthansa Private Jet” to the aircraft is also guaranteed.
Passengers arriving at Frankfurt aboard Lufthansa long-haul flights are collected and limousine-chauffeured to Egelsbach Airport, where they transfer to a “Lufthansa Private Jet”.
Lufthansa introduced its new product “Lufthansa Private Jet” at the start of the summer timetable, thereby enhancing its offering in the top-end segment. The customer response to the “Lufthansa Private Jet” has been thoroughly positive.