First Scandinavian charter to Oman set for take-off


A joint agreement between Hilton International and Crowne Plaza in the coastline resort of Salalah, supported by the Omani Ministry of Tourism, will see the first Scandinavian charter to Oman with Aviation Seat Brokers operating direct flights from Sweden to Salalah for two seasons starting in October this year.

“We have always viewed Salalah as the region’s best-kept secret. I would like to highlight the important efforts that the Ministry of Tourism has put forward to further promote Oman’s southern Dhofar region as an ideal holiday escape,” said Guy Epsom, regional director of sales and marketing Arabian Peninsula at Hilton International.
He added: “In recognition of Salalah’s tourism potential and appeal to Europe, we are pleased with the introduction of the new flight service to Salalah. It offers an exotic Arabian experience not found elsewhere in the region”. The new service is the first-ever air charter service to the city of Salalah and constitutes 30 scheduled flights per season every Wednesday carrying an estimated 2,000 travellers in the first season. This direct service represents a large step forward in Oman’s national tourism initiative.
Aviation Seat Brokers will market the destination in coope-ration with SITS Solresor in Sweden and its Norwegian-based STS Solia sister company will also sell the new charter service via connecting flights to Stockholm, the Swedish capital.
The Ministry of Tourism of the Government of the Sultanate fully supports the new air charter service and is giving it substantial financial and marketing support in line with national tourism development plans. The Ministry of Tourism encourages foreign investment into Oman that will work to capitalise on the nation’s tourism potential