Dreamland to make big splash at ATM

Dreamland Aqua Park ... fun all the way

Inaugurated in 1997, Dreamland was the first aqua park in the UAE. A unique destination covering 250,000 sq m and over 25 water rides, Dreamland Aqua Park is considered one of the largest water parks in the region boasting an oasis of palm trees and green turf in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula.

The park is now committed to regain its position as a leading family entertainment centre and outdoor venue in the Northern Emirates. Its participation in ATM 2005 has two objectives: the first is to initiate, renew and strengthen alliances within the travel and tourism sector and the second is to inform visitors and exhibitors about its exciting and wide range of attractions and programs.
During the show, Dreamland will be announcing new sales packages considered to be most rewarding within its sector; a complete range of services that include accommodation (on-site camping), catering, leisure activities (water rides and dry games) and entertainment to create tourism experience; improved distribution of its services and booking process (credit policy, pre-paid coupons, territorial coverage, etc); and advertising and marketing campaigns targeting businesses, individuals and inbound and outbound tourists
Dreamland Aqua Park creates exceptional synergies for local and foreign service-providers. Visitors are offered with a wider choice of activities that will increase customer satisfaction and encourage higher spending. Tour organisers can also share opportunities for higher economic returns, easier event organisation and stronger customer loyalty.
Dreamland Aqua Park pulls out all stops to meet the expectations of customers looking for quality leisure and recreation. Here’s a quick look at some of the park’s recent developments:
Water Rides: Five new attractions were inaugurated in last year when the park introduced two rides for adults (the Family Raft ride and the Twister) and three for children (Aquaplay, Bumper boats and Leisure pools). These attractions are unique to Dreamland and not available in any other aqua parks in the UAE. Dreamland’s investment rate per ride is one of the highest in the sector
Catering: Whether a la carte or open buffet, Dreamland caters for different tastes and preferences. Its Atlantis restaurant accommodates 200 and offers intercontinental and asian cuisine. In addition, there are two fast food outlets and a pool bar.
Camping: Dreamland accommodates people who like to venture to the outdoors in a safe and secure environment. The park boasts a top-of-the-line camping gear and equipment. Its leisure activities and programmes are tailormade to satisfy every need. Complimentary services include BBQ, bonfire, audio-visual entertainment, et al.
Entertainment: Light and sound shows held at the amphitheater to accommodate more than one thousand seated guests.
Its future developments include the installation of water heaters in time by September this year. Among others Dreamland will plans to introduce online reservation, wooden cabins for the camping site and develop dry mechanical rides and soft-play areas built around a theme.