Lufthansa offers private jets

Lufthansa NetJets

With the start of the summer flight schedule, Lufthansa is adding a new dimension to personalised air travel. 

The German carrier is offering a unique product, worldwide, to passengers who highly value flexibility and time-saving. Lufthansa Private Jet, exclusively operated by NetJets, is the new product that allows passengers to fly by private jet from more than 1,000 airports around Europe to Lufthansa’s Munich hub to board connecting flights there in First or Business Class to destinations around the globe.
 Passengers arriving on long-haul flights in Munich can conveniently take a private jet to fly on to their final destination. The new private jet service can also be used for flights between European airports. Lufthansa Private Jet ideally complements Lufthansa’s worldwide network by adding up to thousand individualised flight options.
Lufthansa Private Jet will undergo six months of market tests in operating flights targeting a select group of First and Business Class passengers and all HON Circle members. These passengers can utilise “Lufthansa Private Jet“ for service between Munich and more than a thousand destinations in the EU, Norway and Switzerland as well as for point-to-point flights between those European destinations. 
They will have complete flexibility in their choice of departure and arrival airports and be able to specify their own flight time-schedules. “Lufthansa Private Jet” will save considerable travel time by eliminating stopovers and transfers. 
“Lufthansa Private Jet” will be offered at an attractive all-in price, depending on the fare zone and including the exclusive use of the whole aircraft.
Elite privileges on the ground and in the air are part of the deal.