Ritz-Carlton reveals secrets of its legendary service


How does The Ritz-Carlton maintain a culture of service excellence while continuing to grow and expand worldwide? One very important element in this effort is the continuous sharing of information within the societies that it operates through its Leadership Center.

For the first time in the Middle East, The Ritz-Carlton has three qualified speakers who are able to tutor organisations across the region from the Ritz-Carlton hotels. The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center in the US was originally created to support the growth and expansion of The Ritz-Carlton products and services.
However, it has also flourished as a resource centre for leading organisations interested in benchmarking many of the business practices.
“While service is declining in other industries, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has continued to increase its business and offer its guests unparalleled levels of customer service,” said Marc Dardenne, vice-president and area general manager, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels of the Middle East. The course, Legendary Service at The Ritz-Carlton, is designed specifically for outside companies interested in learning about The Ritz-Carlton philosophy and values.