Sofitel launches MyBed


SOFITEL has launched MyBed, its new sleeping system that focuses on softness, comfort and support, aimed at giving customers the equivalent of a baby’s sleep.

According to a statement from Sofitel, surveys have shown that hotel customers, regardless of the brand they choose, are still relatively unsatisfied when it comes to a good night’s sleep. In response, Sofitel, in its commitment to bring its unique “art de vivre à la Française” (French art of living) to its hotels around the world, has decided to refocus on the essence of its business: sleep.
To develop MyBed, Sofitel teamed up with the top French specialists Dumas and Epéda. Creating MyBed meant identifying the latest technology, reviewing surveys and studies by top specialists and testing scores of materials. More than simply a new bed, MyBed ushers in a whole new concept in rest, with a guarantee of plush softness that has never before been experienced.
The bed marks a break with ubiquitous style trends right from the first glance – no more low, thin futon-like mattresses. This is clearly a grand return to a bed that would make our grandmothers proud: raised high, immaculate and plumped up with welcoming feathers.
To design MyBed, Sofitel “retro-engineered” each detail in a traditional bed. The first decision was to get rid of both the bedspread and blankets, replacing them with a comforter which is infinitely more hygienic, as it has been specially treated to resist dust and stains. Sofitel also wanted MyBed to have a generous size, both very long and very wide – people are, after all, bigger than in the past – and also very high, making it easier to get in and out of bed. Sofitel set out to choose the best possible mattress and box spring. Created exclusively for Sofitel, both are extra-thick, because that is one of the secrets of quality sleep. Between the mattress and the comforter, Sofitel addressed an all-important component, a down featherbed, taking softness to another dimension. And, for the ultimate in comfort, Sofitel decided that MyBed would have four over-sized pillows.