Ramada employees say, “I AM”

Kondraschow …excited

RAMADA International Hotels & Resorts, a division of Marriott International, has launched “I AM”, a global branding and employee recognition programme to motivate and empower employees to provide exceptional service to guests.

The first phase of the programmes’s two-pronged implementation strategy, centered on training and collateral respectively, began this summer with training sessions for regional managers. Regional managers then train hotel executive committees and designate trainers for employees.
“We are excited about I AM. This programme gives Ramada the opportunity to salute and identify the real value of our brand – our people,” said Reas Kondraschow, senior vice-president and managing director, Ramada International. “We want our employees to be proud of where they work and understand that they are essential to our operations.”
The training program focuses on increased levels of service and responsiveness to guests. Employees are trained on minimising the amount of time a request is made until the time it is fulfilled. Follow-up calls are an essential part of training to ensure complete guest satisfaction. Similar training exercises are used in all areas of the hotel from housekeeping to the front desk.