Nakheel announces theme mall in Dubai

The Gardens ... worth the wait

NAKHEEL, together with Marketing Themed Environments (MTE) Studios, are constructing one of the world’s most unique shopping destinations, Gardens Shopping Mall.

Scheduled to open in February 2005, the mall is guaranteed to become one of Dubai’s most visited sites due to its astounding architectural design.
The Gardens Shopping Mall’s theme has been designed around the travels of renowned 14th century explorer, Ibn Battuta, a man who travelled over 75,000 miles during his lifetime. In a time before the luxuries of modern transportation existed, this was no small feat. Thus, the architecture within the Mall’s six main courts is a reflection of the most influential places Ibn Battuta travelled during his time, allowing visitors an invaluable glimpse into the past.
The six courts are comprised of the Andalusian Court, the North African Court, the Egyptian Court, the Persian Court, the Indian Court and the Chinese Court. No expense has been spared in order to ensure that each court is able to maintain the look and feel of the represented regions through the attention to detail in the architecture.
For example, the major Egyptian Court mirrors 14th century Cairo, while the minor court and exterior is themed with hieroglyphic friezes. Likewise, in the Chinese Court, a life-size Chinese junk boat similar to the one used by Ibn Battuta during his voyage through China is positioned in the centre of the court. As Ibn Battuta’s boat had crashed off the shores of China, visitors will be able to walk in through an opening in the front of the boat and experience a virtual 3-D aquarium.
“No aspect in the construction of the mall has been overlooked,” said Andrew Chambers, general manager of Gardens Shopping Mall. “The architecture is going to capture peoples’ imaginations, allowing them to experience a world that has long since disappeared. Our customers will benefit from the best of all worlds – 14th century-style architecture in a 21st century shopping mall.”
Gardens Shopping Mall will also feature a 20 screen cinema complex, The GCC’s first IMAX cinema, a fully themed children’s play zone, a fully themed boutique hotel, themed garden areas and food courts.