Singapore Airlines starts world’s longest flight

New York ... easier to get to

SINGAPORE AIRLINES has recently begun the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight  – an 18-hour trip between Singapore and New York.

The 16,600-km (10,310-mile) journey on an Airbus A340-500 aircraft over the Arctic shaves four hours off an existing service and marks the second non-stop flying record this year by Singapore’s flag carrier.
In February, the government-controlled airline flew 16 hours between Singapore and Los Angeles, the longest non-stop flight by a commercial airline.
Until Airbus began delivering A340-500s with longer wings and bigger fuel tanks, no commercial aircraft could fly as far as Singapore to New York, although Chicago-based Boeing has a competing model in development.
The plane is specially fitted with business class seats that collapse into beds measuring 26-inches (66 cm) wide and 78 inches (198.1 cm) long. Economy seats are also roomier than usual at 20 inches (51 cm) wide.
An airline spokeswoman said Business Class seats on the flight sell for S$9,160 ($5,363), compared with S$2,050 for an Executive Economy Class ticket – the same as past ticket prices – for a limited period. They are expected to be five to 10 percent higher when the promotion ends.