Ritz Hotels Company opens Ritz Sharq Hotel

Al Sukhon

WE have launched the Ritz Sharq hotel, the very first of our chain of boutique hotels to be opened in Kuwait,” announced  Rabie Al-Sukhon, general manager of Ritz Hotels Company.

“Shortly, the company will open similar boutique hotels in prime locations of Kuwait City, extending up to the fabulous shopping arcades of Salmiya.”
Al-Sukhon continued: “Two years ago, A’amal Holding Company had the vision and foresight to understand the need for boutique hotels in Kuwait. And now, with stability returning to the country, Kuwait place has emerged as a very vibrant market, attracting multinational companies and businessmen and boosting the tourism industry.”
This boutique hotel concept is unique, in that it provides a host of benefits: spacious and stylish accommodation with personalised services, due to the fact that the number of rooms and suites in such hotels do not exceed 70. This results in guests being surrounded by the kind of privacy and comforts they would expect at home.
The opening of the Kuwait Ritz Hotel in October 2000, the first boutique hotel in Kuwait, had a significant impact. As Al-Sukhon explained, “While launching our chain of boutique hotels in Kuwait, the aim of Ritz Hotels Company is to provide the best value for money expended; to give high-quality services in return, with that extra touch of hospitality, so unique to the boutique hotel concept.”
The Ritz Sharq Hotel, consisting of 56 rooms and suites, opened in March this year. Standing in the heart of Sharq’s business district along Shuhadaa street, it provides easy access to government offices, major leisure attractions and shopping malls.
The Ritz Salmiya Hotel will open in July this year, as planned. Situated near the sprawling new Salmiya Shopping Complex, this hotel will consist of 66 rooms, suites and multi-utility halls.
Ritz Hotels will be applying the same concept of food & beverage outlets in all properties, introducing Dunes Restaurant offering a variety of Arabic and Continental cuisine; and in The Boutique Lounge with its cosy setting, where one can relax with a cup of coffee or meet up with other guests. In keeping with the latest in technology, the hotel lobby is equipped with wireless Internet and plasma screens providing easy access to all networks and satellite.
Al-Sukhon added, “Visitors to Kuwait, whether businessmen, tourists or official guests, will find that our hotels are fully geared to cater to their every need, irrespective of their duration of stay here, whether it be on short-haul or for long periods… Our ultimate goal is to be the leader in owning and managing a chain of boutique hotels in Kuwait. And to achieve this objective, we have utilised all our talents and resources to run the Ritz Hotels in a manner which is distinctive to the hospitality industry by providing the ultimate in varied choices to suit the local market.”