Hotel Show to showcase latest products


SOME of the latest and revolutionary products and services will make their Middle East debut at the forthcoming Hotel Show, to be held from May 17 to 19 at the Airport Expo Dubai.

One of these is the Aqua Massage, which offers a revolutionary way to experience a traditional massage. Clients remain fully clothed and dry throughout the treatment. By lying in the device, similar to a tanning bed and within a waterproof acrylic canopy, a full surface massage is given on three sides of the body by 36 pulsating water jets. Pressure, water temperature and pulsations can be adjusted to suit the client. Another exhibitor at the Hotel Show is Loucania, producers of porcelain articles for catering purposes. Exporting to more than 40 different companies, Loucania makes hard porcelain suitable for buffet, table-top or kitchen use.
Dubai's hospitality industry is constantly expanding, with plans to build at least 200 luxury hotels and resorts within the next five years. The reconstruction of Iraq is also expected to present major new opportunities for hotel developers and suppliers.
The Hotel Show is is owned by the UK's Daily Mail Group and is also supported by the UK, German, Spanish and South African governments and various Italian regional governments. Visitors to this year's Hotel Show will meet the full spectrum of suppliers to the hospitality industry.