Novotel Al Dana Resort is Bahrain’s new hot spot


NIGHTS get “Twice As Nice” at Le Bellevue.

You can take that literally at Le Bellevue, the exquisite jazz lounge perched over the sea at Novotel Al Dana Resort, Bahrain.
When the sun sets and the Manama skyline twinkles across the calmness of the sea at Manama bay, Chantal Sanders and Helene Joseph take to the stage. Together, they are “Twice As Nice” and once you’ve had the opportunity to watch them in action, that couldn’t be more true!
Ladies rule the roost at Bahrain’s most stunning Jazz entertainment outlet for sure. Like ebony and ivory, this South African pair match each other’s musical skills and entertainment talents to the fullest! Finger-snapping, feet-tapping, soul-moving, Twice As Nice is without doubt one of the classiest acts in Bahrain, entertaining those who truly appreciate evenings of the finest, most memorable tunes from around the world and across the ages!
Helene’s vocals are immediately captivating and moving as she croons music from the 60s to that of more recent times, leaning more towards a delightful mix of soul and jazz. An accomplished singer, Helene has worked around the world, from London to Australia and Turkey to Edinburgh. She has even performed in long-running musicals to critical acclaim – listening to her sing, you’ll understand exactly why and wish you could have seen her on stage in the immense concert halls she so often appeared on before.
Chantal Sanders is more than a pianist – she is an accomplished music director who obviously lives her music. When her fingers touch the ivory keys, Chantal brings the piano to live. Allegro and andante, Chantal plays the piano with a passion only seen in the most accomplished and professional pianists.
So how would you describe Twice As Nice in a precise and concise way? “Like hand in glove … smoky vocals floating over the fluidity of ivory keys!” said Thomas Zarsadias TEO, executive assistant manager of Novotel Al Dana Resort. Twice As Nice perform nightly at Le Bellevue, from 8.30pm to 12.30am, Saturday to Thursday.