Dubai plans Civil Aviation Authority


Authorities have unveiled plans to turn the Dubai Depart-ment of Civil Aviation (DCA) into an independent authority.

Officials, however, ruled out plans to privatise the airport or any of its services.
The authority will manage its activities and finances on its own, DCA president Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said recently.
The department will become the Dubai Civil Aviation Auth-ority, under which it will obtain funds from banks or capital markets to finance projects such as the $4.1 billion expansion of Dubai International Airport.
The DCA is currently carrying out several construction projects that have already been tendered under the expansion plans, most of which have been funded by the Dubai government.
The DCA's finance division is also gearing up for the changeover and is on the threshold of moving to an ERP system as part of the city’s Government Resource Planning (GRP) project