Uncovering Kyrgyzstan


One destination we recommend this Eid is Kyrgyzstan, a landlocked country in Central Asia, known for its natural beauty, nomadic culture, and hospitable people.

For a smooth entrance into the country, it is best to keep apply and get your e-visa ahead of the flight. Although most nationalities will get visa on arrival, airport queues can be time consuming.

One of the highlights of our trip was the drive from Bishkek, the capital city, to Karakol, a town on the eastern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. We took the northern road, which is recommended since large parts of the southern road are under construction. The northern road offers scenic views of the lake and the mountains, as well as some interesting stops along the way, such as the Burana Tower, a 11th-century minaret, and the Cholpon-Ata Petroglyphs, ancient rock carvings dating back to the Bronze Age. Restaurants at Cholpon-Ata form an important stopover to Karakol, offering stunning views of the lake alongside hot piping international and local cuisine.

Karakol, reputed for the annual Nomad Festival, is a charming town with a mix of Russian, Kyrgyz, and Dungan influences. Well known attractions are: the Holy Trinity Cathedral, a wooden Orthodox church, the Dungan Mosque, a colorful Chinese-style mosque, and the Karakol Historical Museum, which displays exhibits on the history and culture of the region highlighting a mesmerising influence of China and Russia. Karakol is also a base for outdoor activities, such as hiking, horse riding, and skiing. The Karakol Ski Base has slopes for all levels of skiers, as well as a cable car and a chairlift. The ski base is located in a stunning setting, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and pine forests. Local cuisine, the Kyrgyz bread, and a clutch of hot spring bath experiences, round up a fulfilling Karakol adventure.

Nature trails abound in this part of the world, think around Fairytale Canyon, rock formations of Seven Bulls and Broken Heart, biking and hiking trails with stunning views of the Tien Shan range. A place to discover the untapped scenic beauty with panoramic views of the lake and mountains, as well as the rich and diverse culture and history of the people. A journey to its eastern city of Karakol may be planned around a relaxing base in Bishkek, the capital.

TTN, on its Kyrgyzstan adventure was welcomed at the Ramada Bishkek. From its central location to the impeccable service, this 90-room hotel is a gem in the Central Asian country’s capital.



One of the standout features of Ramada Bishkek is its prime location. You can easily reach the Ala-Too Square, the main square of the city, where you can admire the monuments, fountains, and gardens. Osh Bazaar, the largest open-air market in Central Asia, where you can find a variety of goods, from food and clothing to souvenirs and handicrafts is about 2 kilometres away from the hotel. Bishkek Park Shopping Mall or the Tsum Center, both of which are close to the hotel, provides excellent option for retail therapy. For some greenery and relaxation, stroll in the Panfilov Park with museums and galleries in proximity. The proximity to popular cafes, where one can leisurely sip a cup of coffee and watch the city walk by, adds an extra charm to the hotel’s location. Some of the recommended ones are Sierra Coffee, Adriano Coffee and Flask Coffee.



The rooms at Ramada Bishkek are comfortable and well-appointed, offering a range of sizes to suit different preferences. The junior suites, in particular, stand out with spacious interiors and a well-provided kitchen unit. The use of high-quality Belgian BergHoff crockeries adds a touch of chic to the overall experience. While the room sizes vary, all of them are tastefully decorated, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.



Ramada Bishkek truly excels in providing top-notch amenities, especially in the junior suites. The hotel’s commitment to offering value for money is evident in the superb amenities provided. The seamless airport pick and drop service at a nominal cost makes the travel experience hassle-free and convenient.



One of the highlights of our stay was the food services at Ramada Bishkek. The quality of ingredients used in the dishes was impressive, and the service was exceptional. The Streak Restaurant, in particular, stood out as an excellent spot for late-night bites and sips. The diverse menu and attentive staff make it a perfect choice for guests looking to enjoy a delicious meal in a cozy atmosphere.


For those seeking adventure beyond the city, the hotel’s proximity to Ala Archa makes it an excellent base for a day trip. The stunning natural beauty and recreational opportunities, including bird watching at Ala Archa National Park are not to be missed.

Overall, Kyrgyzstan came across as a great value for money experience.