Diplomat Radisson SAS gets new look for 2004

The Diplomat Radisson

AS Bahrain gears up for the F1 hotels are sporting a new look. and none more so in the Kingdom than the Diplomat Radisson SAS Hotel.

The hotel has seen many changes in Bahrain through the years.
A year ago Mark Willis arrived in Bahrain to become the general manager of The Diplomat, and what a year it has been. Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the motto of the hotel. Over the last year the hotel has seen many new projects developing under the skilled supervision of its new GM.
With a view to keeping the core ethics behind the hotel, The Diplomat has completely refurbished its 246 rooms and created exquisite, new restaurants. The hotel has been hard at work to provide nothing but the best for its customers.
With so many new projects developing, it isn’t hard to believe that Willis, is an old band at taking hotels under his wing and completely revamping them. This is his fifth hotel in a row. All this experience has given him the know-how and the creativity needed to complete such a feat.
Normally, it’s said that most people only have the stamina to ever do this once in their career. When Mark was asked how he made his mark on the hotel,” he replied. “I hate normalcy. Things must be ever changing and developing.”
He’s certainly been true to that premise. Bahrain has many wonderful restaurants to offer. The Diplomat has just raised the standards with its own new additions. With brand-new kitchens and 22 new, authentic chefs from around the world, an Italian restaurant, an Asian Pacific Ring restaurant and a renovated lounge called Skylight on the 14th floor have been created.
The chic, modern Italian restaurant bar and lounge offer a magnificent atmosphere with a light Italian European influence and bright, welcoming colours making it the ideal place for a social drink or meal. With its own wine cellar, the restaurant offers 600 different hand-picked wines along with a wide range of Italian vino as well as others from around the world to complement any dish or palate.
The Asian Pacific Ring restaurant is situated poolside with an informal feel. Two large lounges have also been created which add to the unique atmosphere. Authentic chefs are at hand to create mouth-watering Asian Pacific dishes.
In an authentic décor, it makes a great place to enjoy time with friends and family. The Skylight is decorated in modern Arabic tones making it a comfortable and welcoming place to meet with friends or colleagues. This lounge offers a spectacular vista of the surrounding landscape.
This year there are many new projects coming with it. There are plans to build a residential apartment complex next to the hotel. The outside of the new edifice would be a duplicate of The Diplomat, keeping with the original look of the property.
Having the two properties so close to each other would give new residents of the complex access to a great variety of restaurants and facilities offered by the adjoining hotel. When Mark was asked how he felt about 2004, he remarked, “We’ve every reason to be positive.
“We’re supported by Bahrain which is an ever-changing Bahrain.” With all the great new developments happening there’s one place that hasn’t and wont be changed with its unique Irish setting. Fiddler’s Green is a popular place for socialising and having food in a great ambiance.
The many regular patrons of Fiddler’s Green enjoy the décor and setup of the venue. Due to this it was decided that it wouldn’t be changed. Bands regularly appear, adding to the appeal of the venue.
Comedy nights are a new addition to the Fiddler’s Green menu, giving everyone an opportunity to show off his or her comedic talents. The Diplomat has surpassed itself this year with the many new restaurants, lounges and refurbished rooms.
The most impressive aspect of the hotel is that it’s been able to keep its core values that hold so dearly. Although there’s a brand new look, you’ll always have that Diplomat Radisson SAS welcome and professionalism. This is truly a five-star hotel.