Sabre Solutions ties-up with Thai Airways


Sabre Airline Solutions has signed an agreement with Thai Airways International for Sabre AirCrews crew management system, an integrated and  comprehensive solution which supports the end-to-end crew management needs  of an airline.

The system addresses all phases of crew management operations from long-term crew resource planning through day-of-operations crew tracking, ensuring efficient deployment of crew at minimum cost while maintaining flight reliability and schedule integrity.
THAI will immediately benefit from the automation of the AirCrews system to react quickly to situations such as competitor activity and changes in crew rosters and flight cancellations.
As part of the agreement with THAI, Sabre Airline Solutions developed a comprehensive support package, which includes user training and on-site support, delivery support, maintenance support and focus group participation to ensure THAI’s objectives are achieved.

“With the potential to reduce operational costs from between three to seven percent, Sabre AirCrews crew management system helps reduce the incidence of flight delays and cancellations due to crew scheduling issues. These proven results mean good  news for both the airline and the airline’s customers,” commented Steve Clampett, president of Airline Product and Services for Sabre Airline Solutions, According to Kanok Abhiradee, president of Thai Airways International, the new system will help the airline to create a competitive advantage through more cost  effective crew resource utilisation and management.