Hyatt to manage Jeddah hotel


Al Montazahah Company has appointed Hyatt International as manager of the Equestrian Club including the luxury Park Hyatt Jeddah. The construction of the complex will commence this month.

Slated to open in late 2005, this property will be the first boutique style hotel in the country. 

As part of a multi-faceted complex that includes the current Equestrian Club, a future marina, a large convention and banqueting complex and a Baleneo Therapy Centre, the Park Hyatt will also be the first hotel in Jeddah to offer unrestricted access to the seafront. Hyatt has assumed the management in November 2003 of the Equestrian Club Men’s Social Club Facilities.

This project is an engineering feat that reclaimed an expanse of prime waterfront property from the Red Sea, while retaining the delicate balance of the surrounding marine life. 
The 120,000 sq m complex is situated within the esteemed Al Hamra district of Jeddah’s Southern Corniche, offering a sweeping vista of the Red Sea and the King Fahd Fountain with its 260 metre high plume of water (a near duplicate of Geneva’s renowned Jet d’Eau).

The commercial and financial districts, as well as the main shopping and entertainment areas of Jeddah, are nearby, making the development an ideal launching point from which visitors can easily conduct business or explore more leisurely pursuits.

The Equestrian Club will offer an impressive 4500 sq m array of sports and leisure pursuits divided into separate men’s and women’s areas, including the region’s first Balneotherapy Centres.