Oh baby! Sky nannies!

Sky Nanny ... Fun flying for kids.

Qualified professional attention and care will make flying with children a more pleasurable experience for parents and children

In a world first, Gulf Air announced the introduction of a professional, qualified Sky Nanny on its routes between Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and London, and the Bahrain-Sydney route.
Every Sky Nanny is a fully qualified member of the in-flight service team, dedicated to delivering specialist care for children up to the age of 12 travelling with their parents or as unaccompanied minors.
Development of this enhanced in-flight childcare service has been undertaken with the world famous Norland College, one of the foremost establishments in the world for childcare and education.
The main duties of the all-female complement of Sky Nannies is to provide qualified professional attention and care from the moment of boarding the flight to the end of the journey. This will include keeping children entertained and fed, giving parents a breather.
“Gulf Air is committed to surprising and delighting its customers and to delivering the highest levels of service at every stage of a journey within our network whatever their age,” says John Butler, Vice President Marketing and Sales at Gulf Air. “No other airline has gone to the lengths we have to provide a tailored service to our extensive mix of customers. With the introduction of this unique service, we are once more going the extra mile to deliver on this commitment.”
Once the young passengers are seated and settled, the Sky Nanny, who will be identified on board by a special apron, will explain her services, which include checking dietary requirements, and keeping children amused with a range of English and Arabic books, comics and special children entertainment channels.
“This is all part of a larger programme for children which we will be introducing over the next few months.”