Stone Age delight at the Grand Hyatt

The Grant Hyatt Dubai

The Grand Spa at Grand Hyatt Dubai celebrates the therapeutic and healing properties of hot stones with its signature Hot Stone Massage treatment, a method which has been used to relax, rejuvenate and heal the body since the dawn of civilisation.

“Clients are becoming more adventurous with their spa treatments, opting for something different and unique,” revealed Nicolas Konig, spa director of The Grand Spa. “The Hot Stone Massage certainly fits that criteria with the added benefit of instant results - clients cannot believe how relaxing and beneficial the treatment is.”

The smooth, rounded stones The Grand Spa uses in its massage are mined from a volcano in Hawaii.  They have a high percentage of iron and magnesium, making them extremely strong and dense with an ability to hold heat for long periods of time.  During the massage, the therapist places the stones on charka points of the body where they release energy blockages, resulting in a feeling of rebalancing, calmness and well being. 

This combines with The Grand Spa’s unique Comfort Zone massage techniques: “The application of the heat and subsequent cooling together with the massage encourages psychological and physical relaxation, giving the client a real feeling of inner calm and peace,” explained Nicolas.

The benefits of the Hot Stone Massage delve far beyond mere relaxation however.  The treatment acts as a vasodilator, increasing circulation and metabolism.  It also performs an important detoxifying action, decreases pain and muscle spasm and regulates the cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems. 

“Most importantly, to alleviate modern-day stress, the Hot Stone Massage opens up the energy channels, heightening a sense of overall well-being,” remarked Nicholas.
In addition to the Hot Stone Massage, The Grand Spa offers a comprehensive list of wellness treatments within its four treatment rooms all designed to relax, cleanse, nourish, balance and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. 

Products are by Italian skincare company Comfort Zone, an exclusive range designed to complement the refined level of service and treatments offered at The Grand Spa.
The spa also incorporates an exclusive leisure and exercise complex situated on the ground floor of the hotel which includes a high-tech gymnasium featuring equipment by Technogym, an advanced range of fitness machines that uses ‘smart key’ technology to monitor user’s fitness and progress.

There are two squash courts within the spa as well as a 20m indoor lap pool featuring an underwater sound system. 

For a healthy, invigorating end to a workout or swim, the centrally situated Spa Bar offers a refreshing range of juices and energising drinks.

Apart from The Grand Spa, the 674-room Grand Hyatt Dubai also offers a wealth of luxury resort facilities including 14 bars and restaurants, a tennis centre, and leisure and children’s pools all set within 37 acres of landscaped grounds.