Banking on ‘business as usual’

Share will be as usual during Dubai 2003

Residents and visitors to Dubai will still be able to book and enjoy a meal or drink at their favourite restaurant or meeting place during the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in September.

Dubai 2003, the organisation created to host the event, has announced that no restrictions will apply in hotel outlets that will accommodate the thousands of international participants in the world-class event.

Ahmed Al Banna, assistant general co-ordinator for Dubai 2003 and head of the accommodation committee, said: “Apart from one or two hotel properties close to the Dubai International Convention Centre it will be business as usual and residents and visitors will be able to make restaurant reservations or use other hotel facilities as they normally do.

“Every hotel will of course be busier than usual. But I believe the atmosphere throughout the city will be fantastic and local residents and visitors will feel the excitement of the event when they go out and about throughout Dubai.

“With delegations from 184 countries and hundreds of international journalists in the city there will be an even more cosmopolitan clientele in our restaurants and hotels.”
Al Banna, however, said some restrictions on movement and access would be imposed in and around the Dubai International Convention Centre.

“But we have always been determined to minimise the impact of events on the ordinary activities of residents in the city and that includes the opportunity to eat at their favourite restaurants. Due to the massive influx of visitors we would recommend that people book in advance,” he said.

Dubai 2003 is working with approximately 50 hotels in the city to handle the accommodation requirements of this international gathering.