It’s spa time at Empire

Enjoy the spa at the Empire Hotel & Country Club.

The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brunei’s premier and only beachside resort, is boosting its appeal to Middle East travellers this summer with the opening of its new spa - The Spa.

Fast becoming a popular getaway retreat for Middle East visitors, the Empire Hotel & Country Club is offering guests the chance to experience spa pampering at its very best at their new and unique ‘East Meets West Fusion’ spa concept.
The Spa is based on the 5S philosophy: beautiful surroundings that appeal to sight; subtle uplifting scents to arouse the sense of smell; soothing melodies for beautiful sound; and an enhancement and strengthening of the spirit and soul. It brings together the most ancient healing therapies and treatments, at the same time combining modern and relaxing facials from La Prairie Switzerland, the best facial product recognised internationally.
The east is based on the traditional healing rituals of the Balinese, this influence embraces a true and natural range of massage, body and facial treatments using natural oils and delicate potions emanating from the flora and faun of the rainforest. While the west is the use of La Prairie, and it’s special “Art of Beauty” cellular complex beauty plan which is used as the more traditional western approach complimenting the spiritual, natural healing qualities of the soft and gentle Balinese experience.
To complement treatments offered at The Spa, carefully created dishes following modern nutritional science and herbal infusions of flora and fruit teas are to be offered to clients before and after treatments.
“As the trend to rejuvenate both mind and body becomes increasingly more spa-oriented, we are delighted to offer this exceptional product to our guests,” said Philippe M E Requin, general manager of The Empire Hotel & Country Club.
“At The Spa, time spent here is an investment in your well being. You move at your own pace, do as much or as little as you please, develop a sense of balance and leave feeling better than when you arrived.”