Hoteliers discuss The Palm project

An artist's impression of the Palm.

Nakheel Properties recently held a meeting for all the hoteliers who have purchased plots and are developing hotels on The Palm, Jumeirah.

The meeting, which took place at The Royal Mirage Dubai, sought to bring the

hoteliers together in one forum, to discuss the progress and next stages of this extraordinary development.

Saeed Ahmed Saeed, managing director, Projects for The Palm who was leading the meeting said, "The reclamation phase of The Palm, Jumeirah will shortly be nearing completion and we will swiftly be moving onto building the infrastructure and constructing the homes and hotels".

"In order for us to move onto the next stages a great deal of planning and consultation has and will continue to take place. Meetings like today provide an

excellent medium to discuss a wide range of elements that the hoteliers need to know and want to find out about," Saeed continued.

Discussions covered a cross-section of topics from technical aspects to schedules and logistics. Specialist consultants covered specific details relating to the transportation methods and patterns, utilities plans and processes and construction procedures.

The Palm, Jumeirah is expected to open in late 2005, early 2006.