Qatar hopes campaign will lure MICE visitors


Qatar has launched a major campaign aimed at convincing the MICE sector that the country has huge potential for this specialised travel segment.

The new campaign was launched at the ATM in Dubai by the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA). The slogan for all QTA promotions read: Qatar Once Seen, Never Forgotten.

"Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world and that opinion is supported by the fact that the country has recently hosted internationally recognised events including the 9th Islamic Summit, the 2001 WTO Meeting, the Emergency Islamic Summit Meeting and the Qatar Golf Masters," said David Tewelde, general manager QTA.

"Qatar is also emerging as a leading modern country with a substantial place in the expanding international business market and flourishing tourism based on the hosting of major international MICE events such as the forthcoming Asian Games 2006."

Qatar is moving swiftly towards modernisation, yet despite this trend, it holds on to its culture and heritage. Visitors can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities while immersing themselves in an aura of Bedouin charm reminiscent of Qatar's heritage.