BTI to invest in IT systems


In today's highly competitive environment, technology is a vital and decisive factor. It is universally accepted today that corporate travel cannot be handled without adequate information technology; be it in the handling of complicated itineraries, management information reports or the global consolidation of travel across international boundaries.

BTI UAE, the corporate travel division of Dnata, has consequently invested heavily in IT Systems. Each year corporates spend vast sums of money on travel. As business becomes more and more international, and as a large number of expatriate employees travel either on business trips or on company paid leave, management of travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses is increasingly a major corporate challenge; both in direct financial terms and in administrative time and effort. In BTI's advanced IT systems lie enormous opportunities for savings, and consequently the reduction of costs in the T & E Area.

BTI UAE currently employs over 80 business travel specialists and operates out of 16 outlets in the city of Dubai. nine of these are dedicated implants within large companies, many of which are large multinationals. The remainder are business travel centres, strategically located in areas such as the Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai Internet City, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Airport Free Zone etc, to handle corporate travel in the very nerve centres of business.

Globally, BTI is an alliance of over 80 strong partners, operating with over 30,000 staff, from out of nearly 3000 offices.