Hospitality academy launches new courses

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, in academic association with the prestigious Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland, has announced the accreditation of a 4-year Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Travel and Tourism Management degree and a 2year Associate of Arts in Business and Tourism degree.

The two new degree programmes, the first of their kind ever to be introduced in the U.A.E, were developed to meet the demand of one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world, particularly in the Middle East. According to Ron Hilvert, Principal of Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, at present one out of every thirteen jobs worldwide is tourism related. "The Middle East is the fastest growing tourism region in the world," he said. "These statistics underscore the global need for highly qualified graduates to take up management positions in this industry. The programmes we are introducing are designed to meet the global and regional demand for qualified graduates prepared to enter the workplace."

Hilvert added that the programmes place an emphasis on managerial rather than on operational issues with an underlying philosophy that can be described as `Think Global Act Local'. "Striking the delicate balance between international tourism, travel and business management and the appreciation and preservation of cultural diversity, heritage and authenticity will be an integrated part of the curriculum."

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree course will encompass general studies such as languages, cultural studies, information technology and finance; management studies including business, marketing, accounting, strategic, human resource & operations management and the programme also includes a series of tourism related subjects such as principles of tourism, facilities planning and design, IT in travel & tourism and the tourism environment. Besides these core courses, students will choose from a series of electives, including entrepreneurship, e-commerce, destination planning, accommodation and events management, travel retail and tour operations, and quality management.

The Associate of Arts in Business and Tourism, also available through regular evening study, aimed at those currently working in the business and tourism sector, consists essentially of the first five semesters of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree. The two- year study period provides students with a programme covering essential skills, knowledge of key functional areas in business and an overview of the travel and tourism industry.

"Many working in the industry may have excellent work experience, but feel that a lack of academic qualifications is inhibiting career progression. This course has been developed with them in mind," Hilvert said. "Graduates seeking to work in the sector can utilise this programme as a short route into a career in the travel and tourism industry or otherwise transfer from this programme onto a full degree programme at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management or elsewhere."

The degree courses begin in October 2003. Tuition fees are equivalent to $240 per credit hour. The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree course requires a total of 126 credit hours. The Associate of Arts degree course requires a total of 69 credit hours.