Globe provides fine dining with a view

Situated at the top of the Al Fasaliah Tower, the Globe restaurant features some of the most stunning views in the Kingdom to go along with its great menus.
The Globe atop the Al Faisaliyah Tower.

At the top of Al Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh, the tallest occupied-building in the Kingdom, is The Globe, a glittering multi-faceted futuristic golden sphere providing a unique perspective on the city.

Much more than the symbolic "jewel in the crown" of the immense Al Faisaliah Center, The Globe is an architectural triumph profoundly reflecting the confidence, style and ambition of the entire complex.

Al Faisaliah Center, described as a city within a city, has reinvigorated the urban fabric of the Olaya district since its doors opened in May 2000 and has become an icon of world stature. The Center has also transformed the Riyadh skyline; and the diverse nature of its component parts, Al Faisaliah Hotel, luxurious private residences, conference and banqueting facilities, lavish shopping mall, Al Faisaliah Tower offices, and now The Globe all combine to set new standards.

Prince Bandar bin Saud bin Khalid Al Saud, secretary general of the King Faisal Foundation, has spearheaded this spectacularly ambitious $320million project for more than a decade.

Since 1992, no expense has been spared in creating a prestigious multi-use development to boost income for the Foundation's philanthropic and cultural activities through its innovative active asset management strategy.

The Globe is now the most sought after private dining experience in Riyadh providing its elite patrons with top quality cuisine that captures the exclusive nature of high altitude eating. Since opening last January, The Globe restaurant has established itself as the pre-eminent intimate dining venue with such phenomenal success that without making a booking it is almost impossible to get a table.

The Globe consists of a 24 metre diameter golden geodesic dome comprising 655 separate glass panels enclosed by structural aluminium struts supported by two horizontal rings.

Three elliptical floors are cantilevered from the centre of The Globe to exploit the structural geometry of the dome to the full with minimal obstruction and provide an exhilarating spatial atmosphere of almost suspended flotation.

With a capacity of 88 private diners, the two lower floors are dedicated to The Globe restaurant whilst the highest floor is a dedicated cigar lounge, known as The Top.

Hotel manager, Gert Kopera said, "One of the great attractions of The Globe is a unique menu that fuses the culinary traditions of east and west, a menu that is changed every week."