Kid's meal boxes launched

The new kid's meal boxes.

Emirates airline has introduced trendy school briefcase-style meal boxes for its young travellers.

The new boxes were field-tested before the launch by the children of the Emirates staff.

Stefan Lotz, Manager, Food Product Europe & North America, said: "We introduced kids' meal boxes three years ago. Now we're updating them in the light of feedback from young customers, who of course will soon grow to be the travellers of tomorrow."

Boxes are served up to everyone ordering a special child's meal, which has to be done at least 24 hours before the flight. They are now appearing on routes between Dubai and Europe, and will be extended progressively to the rest of Emirates' fast-growing network.

Inside the stylish boxes are three compartments, one for the hot meal and the others for various give-away children's favourites. These include a working sport diver's watch which they can reset to local time on arrival, helping to teach them about the world's time zones; a brightly coloured cutlery set; a folding toothbrush labelled 'Clean your teeth after every meal'; and a small game.

The safety-first design reduces the risk of hot food falling from the table or tray, making it suitable for sophisticated travellers of any age to have lunch just like their parents. Boxes come in two colours - blue and orange.

The blue boxes contain a portion of Rumblers, a new snack with cornflakes and long-life milk, a carton of orange juice, a fruit bar, and a packet of jelly babies.

Orange meal boxes contain a different game, a differently coloured watch, a toothbrush, a carton of apple juice and fruit pastilles, plus the school bars and Rumblers.