Indian carriers announce amnesty fares


Indian Airlines and Air India have announced a 20 per cent discount on the prices of one-way tickets to different points in India for amnesty seekers in the UAE.

The amnesty fares are effective immediately and are valid up to April 30, the last date for the amnesty.

The new amnesty prices will offered for 14 destinations.

Indian Airlines is selling the amnesty tickets at a special counter at the Indian Consulate in Dubai.

Air India is also offering a similar discount for Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Calicut and Trivandrum.

The discounted Air India tickets will be available within the premises of the Indian Consulate in Dubai.

They will also be available at airline offices and approved travel agents.

The offer is only for amnesty seekers and travel documents will be scrutinised at the time of issuing the tickets and during check-in at the airport.