Bahrain agents consider legal measures against airlines


Travel agents in Bahrain are studying legal measures against the airlines' decision to reduce agency commission with effect from April 1.

The Board of Airline Representatives (BAR) has decided to reduce the travel agency commission from seven to five per cent.

This is the second reduction in commission in two years, the first being in 2001, from 9 to 7 per cent. Many agencies will be out of business if the commission is reduced further, said Association of Bahrain Travel and Tours Agents (Abtta) president Mohammed Al A'ali. "The unilateral decision taken by the airlines is contrary to industry practices," he told the GDN. "If their decision is final, it should be implemented across the board in all GCC countries. "We cannot accept a decision by the airlines to reduce commissions only in Bahrain." Mr Al A'ali urged BAR to review its decision in the best interests of the industry.