Surf's up at Al Bander

Al Bander supports Bahrain's new tourism policies.

The Al Bander Hotel Resort -- due to its unique concept and location -- is perfect for families who look forward to a safe, relaxing and wholesome holiday," says Aboulkheir M Ibrahim, general manager.

At the resort children has their own, supervised, air-conditioned Junior Club equipped with video games, computers, and arts and crafts.

For younger kids, a large playground provides additional avenues for fun. They also have their own swimming pool with water slides.

"We believe that if the children are well looked after, parents can have a relaxing time. Our objective here is to give parents the freedom to choose their own activities while their children do the same in a safe and wholesome surrounding more quality time for both parents and children," says Ibrahim.

He adds that the resort would actively participate in any governmental project to promote tourism in Bahrain.

He said that the resort supported the government's move to clean up the entertainment scene.

"This move will have a big impact to those properties ignoring the policies and will definitely hurt the industry as a whole, but in the long run, a better and wholesome entertainment scene for tourists will be achieved," he says.

Ibrahim says that tourism in Bahrain has improved tremendously over the past few years, thanks to the government's commitment to revitalise tourism in the country.

"With the government's strong support for these objectives, much has been done to promote Bahrain abroad," he says.