Harbouring a dream

Waterworld ... The BFH consists of 25 internal developments.

The propsed $1 billion leisure and business complex project at Bahrain Airport will give a fillip to the Kingdom's tourism industry.

The project - Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH) - consists of approximately 25 internal developments within the mother project.

The complex will certainly have a positive impact on the number of business tourists who come to the country

The initial idea of BFH was in place two years ago. Extensive studies and research resulted in a need for a community of financial and investment companies and corporations.

It was essential to provide all facilities and services that the companies need for optimal and efficient production, in addition to restaurants and recreational activities.

The main goal of this 'Harbour', is to build a complete project that is dynamic and refined like no other, says a source. It will also be a center for investors and businessmen not just from Bahrain, but from around the Middle East and other regions as well.

Even though Manama Harbour has been out of business for more than 20 years, it has managed to remain deeply engraved in the hearts of locals.

It had once been the only gateway to the outside world, and the center for traders and merchants. After business moved to Mina Salman (Salman Harbour), Manama Harbour soon became a thing of the past: But not for long.

Manama Harbour, currently Bahrain Financial Harbour, lies on the Northern shore of Central Manama City, and is 10 minutes away from the airport. BFH is situated in the place of the old harbour and expanding Eastward, Westward and into the sea. Total land mass will equal 202,272 square metres, consisting of high office towers.

The other construction buildings will include a financial hall, residential apartments, corporate residential apartments, retail shops and outlets, maritime facilities and other recreational projects.

It is estimated that the total cost of BFH will reach $1 billion.

The chief executive of Gulf Financial House, Essam Yousif Janahi, declared that the alliance with the developing company came about due to the realisation of the vision of this financial mega project.

Janahi added: "The policies and regulations in Bahrain with regards to finance and exchange, welcome high profile banks and investment companies, insurance agencies to the country.

However, they all require the proper roots to base their companies, and this is where BFH plays a critical role.

We, at GFH, feel it is our patriotic duty to advance Bahrain as the primary ground for investors and businessmen in the region.

In addition to satisfying all their business needs, BFH aims to provide a unique living environment with essential business requirements and leisurely activities."