Bali inspires spa at Ritz-Carlton

Skilled professionals provide a choice of relaxing massages at the spa.

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai's purpose-built spa exudes a strong Balinese influence, with much of the furniture and artwork coming from the island.

Batik designs were commissioned from Bali, which were used for the spa's sarongs, robes and body wraps and incorporated into the Balinese-style uniforms of the staff.

The Balinese theme is evident in many of the treatments and therapies available. They include the Balinese Boreh massage, Nirwana Herbal body wrap and an Indonesian cream bath. Six male and female masseuses from Bali will carry out the techniques.

The spa also offers European and Marine spa treatments. The ingredients for these treatments originate from the sea: with minerals and salts from the Dead Sea, natural sponges and seawater being used in these therapies.

Two European beauty therapists, skilled in the art of Swedish and French massages, are trained to carry out a number of thalossotherapy or marine treatments.

Additional treatments include waxing, electrolysis, vibromassage and reflexology.

Individual treatment times can range from half an hour or one hour sessions, up to two treatments, which last six hours.

Guests can choose from the marine-based Calming Sea package or the Eastern Promise Oriental treatment.

When guests arrive at the spa, an individual consultation is arranged with a therapist, who will establish whether a guest is seeking an energizing or relaxing spa treatment. Based on these requirements, individual massage oils are created. This oil is then used for massage and also for aromatherapy within the treatment room. Some of the Oriental body treatments include relaxing in a petal-filled bath.

As aromatherapy continues to be a popular practice, the hotel also offers to place aromatherapy candle burners in guest rooms with the same treatment oils that have been used in the massage, so that the treatment benefits continue long after guests have left the spa.

A hot stone massage provides a sensation that can only be attained using specially harvested lava stones. This alternative therapy can also be experienced in the spa.