New SITA solution 'will help save millions'


SITA has teamed up with Acuma of the UK to offer a new suite of business intelligence solutions which it says will help save airlines millions of dollars each year.

These new solutions, called Profecy, combine Acuma's industry-specific data warehousing and business intelligence expertise with the experience and knowledge SITA has gained through its application services.

'The combination delivers a solution that can be used in many areas of the airline, maximising revenue potential and minimising costs across the entire enterprise,' said a SITA spokesman.

'By collecting and analysing data from various sources and using the information for business decisions, preliminary estimates put net gains between 50 cents to $1.50 per passenger per year.'

Initially, the partners will launch Profecy with an in-house software licence, running over Oracle 8.0I as the database engine.

An application service provider (ASP) model is planned for release later in 2001.