20:20 vision

Kanoo executive general manager Abdulla Abu Khamseen outlines the group's focus and goals
Khamseen: clear vision

Kanoo Travel has a clear vision of how it wants to expand and grow. This includes sharpening its business acumen to become the travel management service company of choice, and to excel in the corporate world of travel, says executive general manager Abdulla Abo Khamseen.

The company's mission is to remain the market leader in the Gulf and to maintain its position as the largest privately-owned travel company in the Middle East, the executive general manager said.

"We have clearly-focused goals, to move with new trends, such as ticketless and cashless travel, and to be able to offer clients an affordable choice of hotels, airlines and car rentals," he says.

Kanoo Travel is set to open offices in Oman and Yemen by early next year and future plans include opening offices and operations in Iran and India, he says.

"We are clear about which direction we are headed, and we will continue to offer what we do best." Abo Khamseen said.

Kanoo's services are a cut above the others in that it can offer several advantages over its competitors, according to Abo Khamseen.

He elaborates: ''We have the capability of offering a seamless service 24-hours a day and seven days a week to corporate travellers through our offices and global partners' offices.

''The company is also positioned to manage the travel expenditure of its clients and be compensated according to the saving it achieves on such expenditures, rather than through commissions on the travel service it sells to the clients.''

''The company is also at the forefront of innovation, and is not afraid to use the latest technology to achieve higher standards of services.''

''Among other selling points, we can meet and assist at airports throughout our locations, offer limousine service for priority customers, deal in Umrah services in Makkah and Madinah, and deliver tickets to our customer's location.

''We also offer visa assistance and in-house insurance for travellers. And to top it all, we have alliances with two top travel agencies in the world - American Express and Rosenbluth.''

Moving on to the company's history, Abo Khamseen says: ''Kanoo Travel Agency is the region's largest and oldest travel agency and also had the distinction of becoming the region's first IATA member.

''Since its establishment in 1937, Kanoo Travel has been a pioneer in the travel industry capturing many awards and first in the region.

''With more than 60 locations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE, Kanoo Travel has been constantly improving its professional manner in ways that are customer friendly. Knowing the region's peculiarities has helped make it the leading travel agency. We have seen what customers want and have structured ourselves to fit customer's demands.''

Kanoo Travel is made up of three distinct units that best represent its customers' demands: Kanoo Holidays, Kanoo Travel and Kanoo Corporate Travel.

''Kanoo Holidays was made with rest and relaxation in mind. Too many travel outlets will tell you where to go on holiday but can't tailor make a holiday that will suite their client's particular needs,'' says Khamseen. ''At Kanoo Holidays we will custom-make a holiday to give our customers and their families not holidays but memories.

He continues: ''Kanoo Travel is the retail division that handles walk-in customers who need to travel at short notice.

''Kanoo Corporate Travel was formed to provide the ultimate service to corporate customers. Our customers represent a partnership based on confidence and trust: they are confident that we will provide the best service possible, and trust that we will make their trip as trouble-free as can be expected.''