Tiara promises ‘luxury without borders’


In less than a year, Tiara Hotels and Resorts will open the doors to its first property and to the first example of its truly radical approach to five-star luxury.

Tiara Palm, which is located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, promises to deliver a ground breaking new hospitality concept that will provide a guest-centric experience in unique and inspiring surroundings.
Thinking outside the box is intrinsic to the Tiara way of life and its philosophy, which places innovation at the heart of everything it does.
“Our aim is to revolutionise the boundaries of the generic Hotel and Resort formula,” says Danny Haddad, CEO of Tiara Hotels & Resorts. “Tiara Palm will embody this vision with the scope of its many points of difference and unconventionality. Our guests will learn to expect the unexpected when they visit Tiara Palm or any Tiara property, and be pleasantly surprised by our unique way of thinking each time they return.”
Tiara Palm will open in the summer of 2008 to meet the needs of a new breed of ultra-discerning international traveller. By setting a global trend for low-key luxury, these savvy travellers have created a niche in the market for a fresh take on contemporary accommodation. Other sectors of the luxury market have already responded to this trend by creating understated brands that don’t shout about how good they are, but leave word of mouth between those “in the know” to do the talking.
“Tiara Palm will appeal to guests who are looking for a hotel that can deliver a definitively different approach to customer-lead service as well as provide bespoke, inimitable experiences,” says Haddad, who is himself a frequent business traveller.
“Our borderless approach to ensuring that each and every guest at Tiara Palm is made to feel at ease and in touch with their environment, is the key to everything that we do as your hoteliers,” he adds.
Flexible, full-circle service options will provide guests at Tiara Palm with the ability to create an experience that matches their own lifestyle choices rather than limiting them with a conventional hotel formula. Nothing is presumed or imposed on guests whose busy lives mean they put a premium on freedom and flexibility during their leisure time.
“Tiara Palm’s staff will be coached to deliver this unique service style with flair and personality,” reveals Haddad, who has an equally non-conformist attitude to recruitment and staff training. “Our hoteliers will be encouraged to bring confidence, passion and a sense of fun with them when they come to work every day. Our exceptional service will create a new level of expectation among travellers who will be inspired by the distinctive atmosphere created by the team at Palm Tiara.”
Tiara Palm has been specifically designed to provide its hoteliers with the ideal stage on which to perform their cutting-edge service skills. An original use of space has created multi-use platforms that can be manipulated to respond to a wide range of requirements.
The spatial fluidity within Tiara Palm will give its hoteliers the liberty to deliver seamless service without the restrictions that traditionally impede operations and functionality in hotels. Reflecting the importance that Tiara Hotels & Resorts places on freedom of space is the size of the rooms at Tiara Palm, which start from 50 sqm. The generous dimensions of its rooms, also reflects a generosity of spirit, which Haddad promises will permeate every aspect of the Tiara experience.
Central to any visit to Tiara Palm will, of course, be the opportunity to stay on Palm Jumeirah, one of the world’s most iconic luxury developments.
“We are very excited and proud to be opening our first property on Palm Jumeirah,” says Haddad. “It couldn’t be more fitting for us to find a location, which was born from a desire to be original and unique.” As well as stunning views, private beaches and unprecedented levels of privacy and security, Palm Jumeirah is also close to two international airports and offers quick connectivity to the city. Tiara Palm will be the first hotel to open on Palm Jumeirah, and is set to become an icon in its own right.