Record entries for Tourism for Tomorrow Awards


A record number of entries were received this year from over 40 countries and six continents for the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, under the stewardship of the WTTC since 2003.
These awards recognise best practices in sustainable tourism in four different categories – destination stewardship, conservation, community benefit and global tourism business.
The 12 finalists were selected by an international team of independent judges in each of the four award categories for having successfully demonstrated sustainable tourism  practices, including the protection of natural and cultural heritage, social and economic benefits to local people,  and environmentally-friendly operations.
Among the finalists honoured with the sustainable tourism accolade is NatureAir, Costa Rica, a domestic airline that is committing itself to complete carbon neutral operations through engaging customers in a non-voluntary carbon off-set scheme.
To ensure NatureAir’s calculation of the volume of emissions is relevant to each flight, the company calculates the total for all flights flown in the previous 12 months. The emission amount is calculated by a detailed greenhouse gas life cycle assessment.
NatureAir has also helped develop Costa Rica’s only alternative fueling station, Aerotica. Through this programme NatureAir is able to fuel company vehicles and equipment using 100 per cent bio-diesel. The aviation company is also frequently audited by independent third parties.