Hilton Luxor spa set to be opened by year-end

It’s luxury in Luxor with the Hilton

THE 18-year-old Hilton Luxor has begun a complete renovation and facelift process, which will give the city a new spa.

“Scheduled to open by the fourth quarter of 2006, the revamped Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa will introduce ‘the world’s greatest open-air musuem’ – Luxor – to world renowned spa facilities and treatments,” says Simon Hasdell, VP operations, Hilton Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.
Luxor is host to some of the world’s greatest antiquities and there is hardly a place in the city which has not a relic that reflects the greatness of the ancient Egyptians and their 7000-year-old civilisation. The Arabs called it Luxor, the city of palaces because they were impressed by its magnificent and huge edifices, and the Greek poet, Homer, described it as the city of one hundred gates. “Because of the grandeur and the magnificence of Luxor, we are very enthusiastic about the renovation of the resort and, with the new spa facilities, we will be able to maintain our commitment to our guests by providing quality accommodations and superior service,” says Hasdell. “The comprehensive renovation project will transform the physical design of the resort’s public areas and its 235 rooms, giving it a fresher and trendier look. Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa will offer its guests a variety of services and facilities to sooth the most discerning and seasoned traveller.”
The new concept aims to widen the view of the river Nile with open and spacious landscape, enlarge the lobby area, offer a variety of outlets and an exclusive area for deluxe rooms.
For the comfort of the guest the new design of the lobby will encounter a separate group check-in reception and Lounge which will facilitate large group check-ins, while the lobby will have a special character reflecting the city’s Pharaonic spirit.
The first to open a spa facility in Luxor, Hilton will provide a unique spa environment, with separate porte cochere and lobby entrance. The spa is totally detached from the hotel with its own spa guestrooms and treatment rooms additionally a lounge/sun deck relaxation space with a separate comprehensive recreational facilities and pool.
The variety of outlets will include the Sunset Lounge & Terrace overlooking the river Nile serving drinks and snacks as well as All Day Dining indoor and outdoor restaurant with a food court. The resort will continue to offer an unforgettable dining experience on a Felucca – a traditional sailing boat – with catered meals upon request along with entertainment.
Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa is 650 miles south of Cairo and only 15 minutes from Luxor Airport and five minutes drive from downtown.